No. 697

No. 697


Very rare pair of Civil Rank Badges.  Badges were worn on the front and the back center of the outer coats of persons in service to the Imperial palace or the Imperial military.  Badges signified the rank of achievement of the bearer.  Ranks were awarded through a series of examinations. 

Candidates for the examinations studied from childhood to twilight years.  Ranks and other information about the bearer who symbolized within the badges.

This is the fourth rank as determined by the wild goose.

The intricacies of the stitching and the materials used in the production of the badges gave indication of the affluence of the official who worn the badges.

These badges have intricately embroidered borders and are made of silk with gold thread couching.  

It is rare to find these badges because many of them were taken from China as souvenirs and not properly cared for.  To find a pair is extremely rare.

Hand sewn and down insert.

Origin:  China

Date:  1870-1890

Condition:  Excellent for their age.

Some of the gold threads are loose from the edges but can be re applied if desired.  I have preferred to not make repairs in order to keep the historical integrity of this antique textile. These are sold together as a pair. 

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