No. 8172

No. 8172


Antique fukusa Mid 19th c. Sumi E ( handpainted)

This is a signed piece of textile art by the prominent artist, Tanomura Chokunyu ( 1814-1907)

Chokunyu was born in Oita and studied under Okamoto Baisetsu before moving to paint under tyhe famous literatus Tanomura Chikuden ( 1777-1835).  Chikuden adopted Chokunyu and had a very strong influence on the young artist.  After the death of Chiduden, Chokunyu studied under Oshio Chusai ( 1792-1837) until 1837 when Chokunyu ventured out on his own in Kyoto.  Chokunyu founded Kyoto Municipal School of painting before becoming an Obaku Zen Monk in 1902.  

Condition:  Stains on the original backing does not effect the front.

Orgin:  Japan

Date: c. mid to late 1800

Down insert and Hand closed.

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