WHolesale and Design Services

Legacy Furs specializes in redesigning antiques with a fur touch, and also bringing in luxury pieces to multiples parts of your home such as pillows and blankets.


Restyling Antiques

Our hand upholstered pieces are produced in the Carolinas by skilled craftsman. Each piece of furniture is chosen for its unique beauty. By offering to the homeowner redefined antique or vintage pieces of furniture, the value of the organic materials used in the original production of that furniture is maximized.  
We purchase antiques that when married with our vintage or antique fabrics or furs make a statement of unique sophistication and style at the same time demonstrating the global commitment to sustainable consumption.
By using antique and vintage materials in our production we offer our clients an opportunity to invest in a sustainable consumption option in the purchase of home accents.  An investment in our sustainable design is an investment in the future of our environment and economy.


We are happy to work with the trade. Please contact us, info@legacyfurs.com and provide your EIN number.